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Roswell Georgia Chiropractic Tips:  Discover How Chiropractic Care Can Help Your Headaches.

Headaches are one of the most common complaints that we see at our Roswell Georgia Chiropractor Office. Headaches come after neck and back pain. Although there are many causes of headaches our experienced chiropractors have found that many different types of headaches originate from mechanical problems in the neck. Some headaches such as migraine and cluster headaches are related to vascular problems. These often include nausea and/or vomiting and can be quite disabling and require rest in a dark, quiet place sometimes for a half or a whole day.

Other headaches can be categorized as “tension” headaches. These usually result from tightness in the muscles in the neck and upper back caused from stress, work, lack of sleep, sinusitis, trauma such as whiplash, and others. Repetitive stress such as hours of work on a computer, poor posture or stress can also take a toll over time. Pain can be felt in the upper neck or the back of the head as well as in the frontal, sinus region, top or sides of the head. It can vary from a throbbing pain to an ache to just a constant pain.

Headaches can be caused from many different reasons and you may suffer for weeks, months and sometimes years if left untreated. Medication is always an option but in most cases this only temporally relieves the pain.

So “How does chiropractic work?”

First, when a new patient comes into our Roswell GA Chiropractic office suffering from headaches, their history is very important! Our experienced chiropractors will usually begin by asking “how/when did the headaches start. This may diagnose the actual cause of headaches such as a car accident or injury of some sort.

Second, we’ll conduct a complete Chiropractic neurological exam to diagnose the main cause of the problem.

Third, as you can see, it is very important we do a thorough evaluation so headache patients can be properly managed.

Treatment approaches include: 1. Adjustments; 2. Soft tissue therapy (trigger point stimulation, myofascial release); 3. Posture correction exercises and other exercises; 4. Education about job modifications; 5. Co-management with other health care providers, if medication or injection therapy is needed.

Depending on the severity of your headaches, these treatments have usually been able to relieve many of our patients from their painful headaches. At our Roswell GA Chiropractic Office it is the mission of Dr. Ron Redman and his experienced and knowledgeable staff to help you and your family Achieve Optimal Health & Wellness. If you are suffering from Headaches or other pain throughout your body and are looking for a chiropractor in Roswell Georgia, please contact our office at 678-650-3866. We look forward to helping you.